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Θεολογικες μελετες

Θεολογικές Μελέτες

( Βιβλία - κείμενα Pdf )


      Κάντε κλικ επάνω στα υπογραμμισμένα κυανού χρώματος γράμματα  ( PDF Download )

βιβλικες μελετες

Βιβλικές Μελέτες

( Βιβλία - κείμενα Pdf )

          Κάντε κλικ επάνω στα υπογραμμισμένα κυανού χρώματος γράμματα  ( PDF Download )


·         How to Study and Teach the Bible, Elmer L. Towns (PDF Download)

·         Introduction to the New Testament, Louis Berkhof (PDF Download)

·         Jerusalem in the New Testament, Tom Wright (PDF Download)

·         Bible Introduction 101, Barry E. Horner (PDF Download)

·         The Minor Prophets, Timothy Tow (PDF Download)

·         Luther on Galatians (PDF Download)

·         Observations on Daniel (PDF Download)

·         Epistles of St. Paul (PDF Download)

·         The Story of a Kingdom - A Simple Explanation of the Bible (PDF Download)

·         Salvation in the Old Testament (PDF Download)

·         Brief Bible History - Machen (PDF Download)

·         Jeremiah - Constable (PDF Download)

·         The Translation of the Word - Graham (PDF Download)

·         Commentary on the Epistles to the Seven Churches in Asia - Trench (PDF Download)



( Βιβλία - κείμενα Pdf )

           Κάντε κλικ επάνω στα υπογραμμισμένα γράμματα κυανού χρώματος ( PDF Download )


·         History of Greek Philosophy Vol I (PDF Download)

·         History of Greek Philosophy Vol II (PDF Download)

·         Necessity or Contingency (PDF Download)

·         Illustration of the History of Medieval Thought and Learning (PDF Download)

·         The Philosophy of Humanism (PDF Download)

·         Monism, as Connecting Religion and Science (PDF Download)

·         The System of Nature Vol I (PDF Download)

·         The System of Nature Vol II (PDF Download)

·         Studies in the Hegelian Dialect (PDF Download)

·         The Relation of Science and Religion (PDF Download)

·         The Talmud (PDF Download)

·         Christianity in Talmud and Midrash (PDF Download)

·         On Learned Ignorance Book I by Nicholas of Cusa (PDF Download)

·         On Learned Ignorance Book II by Nicholas of Cusa (PDF Download)

·         On Learned Ignorance Book III by Nicholas of Cusa (PDF Download)

·         In the Shadow of Darwin (PDF Download)

·         What We Jews Believe (PDF Download)

           A Brief Introduction in the Worship of God, John Owen (PDF Download)


Φιλόσοφοι / Πατέρες / Θεολόγοι

Κείμενα - Δόγματα - Κανόνες - Σύνοδοι

( Βιβλία - κείμενα Pdf )

Κάντε κλικ επάνω στα υπογραμμισμένα γράμματα κυανού χρώματος ( PDF Download )

Philosophers / Early Fathers / Theologians

   Writings - Creeds - Canons - Councils

Augustin - City of God and Christian Doctrine (PDF Download)

Mortality, by St. Cyprian (PDF Download)

Notes on the Nicene Creed (PDF Download)

The Nicene Creed on the Church (PDF Download)

First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians (PDF Download)

Church History, Life of Constantine (PDF Download)

Theodoret, Jerome, Gennadius & Rufinus Historical Writings (PDF Download)

Augustin's Anti-Pelagian Writings (PDF Download)

Basil's Letters and Selected Works (PDF Download)

Latin Christianity, It's Founder Tertullian (PDF Download)

The Twelve Patriarchs Excerpts and Epistles, including The Clementia (PDF Download)

Augustin, The Writings Against the Manichaeans and Donatists (PDF Download)

Socrates and Sozomenus Ecclesiatical Histories (PDF Download)

On the Holy Trinity, Doctrinal Treatises, Moral Treatises (PDF Download)

Gregory of Nyssa, Dogmatic Treatises, Etc. (PDF Download)

Ambrose's Selected Works and Letters (PDF Download)

The Council of Orange (PDF Download)

The Anathemas of the Second Council of Constantinople (PDF Download)

Later Creeds (PDF Download)

The Apostle's Creed Versus Gnosticism (PDF Download)

Bible Creeds (PDF Download)

The Filioque Clause (PDF Download)

Origen - On Prayer (PDF Download)

Calvin - Institutes of Christian Religion (PDF Download)

Bonaventure - Journey of the Mind Into God (PDF Download)

Wesley - The Journal of John Wesley (PDF Download)

Law - A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life (PDF Download)

Athanasious - Regarding Arius (PDF Download)

Hegel - Philosophy of Mind (PDF Download)

Harnack - Origen of the New Testament (PDF Download)

Hume - Philosophical Case Against Miracles (PDF Download)

Hume - Theory of Right and Wrong Actions (PDF Download)

Spinoza - On the Improvement of the Understanding (PDF Download)

Barth - A Brief Introduction, Time and Eternity (PDF Download)

Aquinas - Nature and Grace (PDF Download)

Luther - Commentary on Galatians (PDF Download)

Anselm - Basic Works (PDF Download)

Teresa of Avila - Way of Perfection (PDF Download)

Edwards - Freedom of the Will (PDF Download)

Tertullian - Against Marcion (PDF Download)

Hegel - Philosophy of Right (PDF Download)

Athanasius - Select Writings and Letters (PDF Download)

Newman - John Henry Newman (PDF Download)

Leibniz - Cultural Pluralism and Natural Law (PDF Download)

Strauss - On the Study of Spinoza (PDF Download)

Fathers of the First Century - The Apostolic Fathers Vol. I (PDF Download)

Fathers of the Second Century Vol. II (PDF Download)

Fathers of the Third and Fourth CenturiesVol. III (PDF Download )

Brainerd - The Journal of Brainerd (PDF Download)

Mann - Introduction Thomas Mann and Gnosticism (PDF Download)

Woolman - The Journal of John Woolman (PDF Download)

Wesley - Plain Account of Christian Perfection (PDF Download)

Arnold - Selected Writing, E. Arnold (PDF Download)

Kierkegaard - Provocations, by Kierkegaard (PDF Download)



( Βιβλία - κείμενα Pdf )

           Κάντε κλικ επάνω στα υπογραμμισμένα γράμματα κυανού χρώματος ( PDF Download )

·         The Life of Flavius Josephus, William Whiston (PDF Download)

·         Paul the Traveler and Roman Citizen, W. M. Ramsay (PDF Download)


·         The Auto-biography of Saint Therese of Lisieux (PDF Download)

·         The Life of St. Benedict, Gregory the Great (PDF Download)

·         The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, Edersheim (PDF Download)

·         The Life of Christ - Frederick Farrar (PDF Download)

·         A Harmony of the Life of Paul (PDF Download)

·         A Synoptic Life of the Apostle Paul (PDF Download)

μεταφρασεις βιβλου

Μεταφράσεις τής Αγίας Γραφής

( κείμενα Pdf )

           Κάντε κλικ επάνω στα υπογραμμισμένα γράμματα τής Γλώσσας κυανού χρώματος 


  • Holy Bible - English - American Standard Version (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - French - French Darby Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Korean - Korean Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Russian - Russian Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Vietnamese -Vietnamese Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Albanian - Albanian Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Chinese - Chinese Union Traditional Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - German - German Luther Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Portuguese - Portuguese Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Ukranian - Ukranian Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Italian - Italian Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Spanish - Spanish Reina Valera Translation (PDF)

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